THIS PAGE IS ABOUT I started this site in July 2021, inspired mainly by Gwern’s in terms of form and function, but drawing intellectual stimulus from other blogs in the rationalist-sphere.

        It certainly is not positioned as encyclopedic or authoritative in any way. My main goal is to build a pleasingly-designed repository of essays, stories, poems, links and interesting thoughts, predominately for my own reference; they may be of use to others, even as simple fodder for criticism/refinement of ideas.

        Each page on this site should be expected to evolve over time, with more footnotes, corrections, refinements etc. (Apart from some of the NCEA essays, which are mainly here so I don’t loose them, and also as an easy point of reference for teachers/students marking/referencing.)

        In the interests of intellectual honesty [and as a functional disclaimer], let me say that I'm not very convinced about much I put on here; instead, they are ideas I am interested in, would like to explore and discuss. If it’s here, it’s probably too niche or long or unfinished for a column or article somewhere else.

Mistakes and corrections will be posted below: